Festive Bulletin

This last month or so, since our quite amazing launch at the Hippo Taproom, has been a little surreal. It’s probably been a bit more like what running a functioning brewery is supposed to be like - we’ve had so much to do we’ve had very little time to make more beer.

Within a couple of weeks, all but a couple of earmarked cases and kegs of the launch beers were gone. We’ve sold only to a select few places in Glasgow, and haven’t chased up most of our preliminary contacts. We don’t have enough beer.

A couple of Sundays ago, the three of us got together to do a double brew day - something we hadn’t attempted because a single brew day has taken us somewhere between 10 and 13 hours thus far. We brewed our India Pale Ale and our Telford Road Extra Pale Ale back to back. We started at 8am, and finished at 1am. It was intense.

Somewhere towards the small hours, we decided to tear the tape off one of the few remaining cases of our first attempt at the IPA. This is the one we dumped, and the only reason about 10 cases remained is that we hadn’t got round to dumping them yet. It’s a laborious process.

We popped a bottle. Slightly fizzy, but not foaming out the top. We poured it - light haze, not murky. The smell - super dank West Coast hops, light English yeast phenols. The taste is complex - dry, very bitter, and with quite a bit of yeast character. Overall impression: very nice indeed. Overwhelming sensation: regret.

Having dumped 1300 bottles down the drain, this was the most gutting news possible. But rather than wallow, we’ve decided to make the last remaining cases the first of a series of special edition, one-off beers, sold at a very reasonable price to a select few retailers. Its name: Operation #001.

A black label for a black bottle.

A black label for a black bottle.

The first place you’ll be able to get it is as part of our Gift Pack at Hippo Beers on Queen Margaret Drive, in this: the final week before Christmas. This awesome wee selection of three beers is the perfect last minute present. After that, look out for Operation #001 it in only the trendiest of bottle shops.

Our Gift Packs, available in time for Christmas

Our Gift Packs, available in time for Christmas


And on that subject, here’s an update on where you’re able to get/have got our beer:

ONLINE - https://hippobeers.co.uk/collections/out-of-town-brewing - Order by Midday Tuesday 20th December for Christmas Delivery

Hippo Beers - Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow - Bottle

Hippo Taproom - Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow - Bottle / Occasional Keg

The Drake - Woodlands Road, Glasgow - Bottle

Crossing the Rubicon - Great Western Road, Glasgow - Occasional Keg

Brass Monkey - Argyll St, Glasgow - Occasional Keg

The Hillswick Shop - Hillswick, Shetland Islands - Occasional Bottle

Inn Deep - Kelvin Walkway, Glasgow - Occasional Keg

The Cave - Great Western Road, Glasgow - Bottle

Valhalla’s Goat - Great Western Road, Glasgow - Bottle


Got a shop or pub and want to stock our beer? The only place you can currently get it is Fusion Beer Distribution, who are selling for the same prices we are. Contact them here: http://fusionbeerdistribution.co.uk/ . When we’ve got a bit more beer, we’ll update you with a new a list. On that subject, our new IPA. What follows a double brew day is a double bottle day, which has just been completed. The IPA is tasting… well.

You’ll just have to wait and see.

James, Owen and Rich x

Serve with lazy dogs and log fires.

Serve with lazy dogs and log fires.